There are 2 main reasons why a dog behaves the way he does. His behaviour is either
environmental (learned) or physiological (an illness or physical or mental defect). Either
way, it is not his fault.  He is behaving in the only way he knows.

In most cases a dog has learned to be difficult when being groomed because he is reacting
to a fear of pain.

When a dog is not groomed often enough, grooming is often a painful experience which he
won't easily forget.

Dogs which are dematted each time they are brought to the groomer will gradually become
more difficult with each grooming.

These are often the same dogs whose owners find will not tolerate brushing at home since
brushing is only undertaken AFTER the dog has become matted.

At JJ's, we feel that the most humane treatment for a badly matted dog is to shave the mats
off at the initial grooming (regardless of breed) and then follow up with regular grooming
to prevent rematting.

In most cases, the dog's behaviour improves drastically when he realizes that grooming is
not painful and it makes him feel better afterward. Not only that, but he gets praised for just
standing there and being good!

For dogs that need a little more help to learn to change their behaviours, we recommend
that you consult with a good canine behaviourist (see our
links page) such as  Barkbusters.
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