Your dog's nails should be at least short enough that when
he is standing, they are not touching the floor.  When the
nails are touching the floor, they are putting pressure on
your dog's toes, causing a change in the shape of the feet,
which may be painful.  By causing the underpads to spread,
the bottom of the foot is opened up  to possible injury.  
Dewclaws should be cut as short as possible to minimize
chances of catching on something and tearing.

The interval between nail clippings varies greatly between
dogs.  For some 6 or 8 weeks, along with their regular
grooming, is often enough.  Others might require more
frequent nail clipping.  Few can go beyond 8 weeks.

At JJ's we offer extra free nail clippings to our regular clients.
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5.  How often does my dog need his nails clipped?