JJ's Dog Grooming
50572 Range Road 225
Sherwood Park Alberta
Difficult Dogs Welcome
Some of our other services may include:

Home grooming instruction:
When you pick up your dog from grooming we will be happy to show you
how to maintain a mat-free coat at home.

Touch up grooms  - for regular clients between full grooms.  These
may include tidying  of face, feet, backside &/or nail clipping and/or ear
cleaning .  Dog must be clean upon arrival.

Brush outs between full grooms - by special arrangement, for
regular clients
that tend to get matted between  monthly grooms. Dog
must be clean upon arrival.

Toothbrushing, or mouth cleaning -    but not dental work, as this
should be done only by a veterinarian.  

Please phone or
email us  for information on other services.