At JJ's, we work with you to determine the grooming interval which works best for both your
dog and your pocketbook.

Your dog needs to be groomed often enough that a comb inserted down to the skin can be
pulled through without much effort.  Once the dog's loose undercoat has become "locked
in", grooming is overdue and may be uncomfortable for the dog.  Besides the discomfort,
matted coat also allows a build up of  dead skin cells, moisture and bacteria and may conceal
wounds, growths, skin conditions, or parasites.

If you are able to groom your dog often enough at home  to prevent matting, then he may
still need professional attention for hair cutting (where applicable to the breed), bathing,
nail clipping, ear cleaning,  shaving the underpads on his feet, expressing his anal sacs, or
flea treatment.  High pressure blow-drying after bathing helps to expose external parasites
and any other conditions that might be out of the ordinary.

For most dogs that are not groomed at home,  we recommend having them professionally
groomed at least every 6 to 8 weeks.
 This allows the loose undercoat to be removed before
it becomes a procedure which is painful to the dog.  Depending on their coat type, some
dogs require even more frequent grooming.

If you choose to have your dog shaved regularly, this needs to be done before the loose
undercoat becomes matted.  For most dogs we suggest no more than 8 weeks  between
short clips.  

For some dogs a schedule of shaving, alternated with one or more bath-and-brush-outs
works best.
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4.  How often does my  dog need to be groomed?